Islamic School


Academic Excellence

We emphasize effective instruction through thought leadership in pertinent subject matters.


Language Excellence

We encourage a policy of open dialogue and thoughtful expression to create an environment of communal learning.


Ethical Excellence

We promote a culture of independent decision-making through the lense of integrity and morality.

About Us


Our Youth

As parents, we must adopt and adhere to our Shia Ithna Ashari values and beliefs that will eventually resonate with our children as they fully mature. A lack of interest on our part will be devastating. Leaving our children in the dark alley of moral degradation and social corruption will be an injustice to our community and to our children's futures.


Our Responsibility

Our children need proper guidance. They are living in a culture that is, at times, alien to our social mores and continually exposed to conflicting moral messages. Without exposure to our rich culture, our children will soon abandon their ways and succumb to improper temptations. We must mold them to become the embodiment of piety and discipline.


Our Future

Concentrating our efforts to provide a good upbringing and proper guidance for our children today will result in kindhearted, pious individuals who can assume exemplary roles and contribute to the society in which we live. Make Masoomeen School your school and help us attain our goals and grow our cause beyond the confines of our school.

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